Restaurante Le jardin
O TAPASSOL Restaurant

Famous for the always freshest fish, the Restaurant Tapassol is situated in the Old Town of Funchal City.

The Pork filled with Morello Cherries and Plums, Rabbit, Tuna Fish and Sea Bream Dishes are examples of our creativity



Le Jardin Restaurant Terrace

Restaurante Le Jardin ExteriorRefurbished in 1980 and inaugurated in 1988, the Restaurant Le Jardin has become one of the best Restaurants of Traditional Madeira Cuisine in the Old Town of Funchal City.

Almost always busy, we recommend that you reserve a table in advance. Our restaurant is visited by customers from all over the world, being 50% English, 30% German, 15% of diverse origins and 5% Portuguese. Our head waiter welcomes our customers with a Madeira wine as aperitif, and during a friendly conversation indicates the table, inside the cosy dining room or outside in an open area, which is an excellent place to sit down and watch the nice movement of the Old Town of Funchal City.

Sala de Jantar InteriorAppreciating the decoration of the cosy dining room, looking like a real garden, paintings depicting Funchal History and the existence of an arch Manueline architectural style, all visitors may enjoy a large selection of dishes as the Flambés Specialities, Prawns with Curry, Lobster Medaillons, Swordfish with Martini, Tuna Steak, Pepper Steak, Strogonoff, and the Flambé Desserts (Crêpes Copacabana, Crêpes Suzette, Flambé Fruit).

We have a large selection of Starters and Soups as our traditional Tomato and Onion Soup.

Besides the traditional Fish Dishes, like Swordfish and Tuna, we have other specialities, which we advise.

If your choice is the Meat Dishes, the regional Beef on a Skewer is delicious, however we offer a large selection and originality.

The Service is quick, efficient, and with a touch of the old style. The waiters wear black trousers, white shirt and a black bow tie.




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